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  • Inspection

    We help our customers discover and diagnose issues they may have with their coatings and steel constructions worldwide.

Global inspection services

Wherever your project is located, we can inspect your coating and steel constructions. With experienced and skilled teams available, our inspectors ensure that project specifications are prepared appropriately and that our findings are carried out to those exact specifications.


  • Coating Inspections

    Are your coatings applied correctly? Coating inspections can include everything from equipment to tanks. All of our inspectors have gone through extensive training and can identify your coating problems.

  • Steel inspections

    Our trained and experienced inspectors are available for close up visual inspections on your project worldwide. We work closely with project managers to ensure that all required repairs are done according to industry standards.

Contact us

As your industrial service partner, we are here to answer any questions you might have. Find your local Muehlhan contact on this page.